Hi there!

We're Paul & April Jendrasiak!

We know there are some pretty awesome folks living in our beautiful beachtown of Grand Haven. Some of them have been our longtime friends. But many of them we have yet to meet. We thought it would be a ton of fun to put together a little website that profiles one person that calls Grand Haven their home each week. April asks the questions. Paul snaps the pictures.

April has called Grand Haven her home for over 10 years. She's been involved with various non-profits and works in the music and video production industry.

Paul's new to Grand Haven and is excited to discover more about his new home. He's been involved in music journalism, photography, radio, and technology.

We hope you enjoy what we're creating and would love your help along the way! If you can introduce us to more cool folks who you think people should know about in town, please drop us a note at: http://www.beachtownlowdown.com/contact/

Paul & April